The Importance Of Study (Part 4): Tips For Preparation

By Willie Muhammad

1) When we begin to embark on our journey to study the Word of God, we should choose an environment that is suitable and conducive to learning. The environment should be a place where we feel comfortable and relaxed. It should be brightly lit. Poorly lit environments cause future eye problems and drowsiness. The environment should also be quiet and isolated from distraction. This means the television and radio should be turned off. This also reduces the number of environmental stimuli around us which is constantly battling for our attention, which often impedes us from concentrating fully. For some of us, some of these conditions may not apply. Some people can study while the radio or television is on, while others cannot. Whatever the situation maybe, do what best suits you.

2) As Muslims we are taught that before we begin to participate in anything we should first do so by acknowledging Allah. Before beginning our study session we should say a prayer to first prepare ourselves mentally. Secondly, to ask Allah to grant us a greater understanding of His revealed Word and to be blessed with the right spirit, this will allow us to receive the full benefits of study. Prayer and study go hand and hand. Prayer purifies/circumcises our heart.
3) The most critical aspect of study is our attitude toward reading. If we possess a negative attitude toward reading we must work hard to change it. Remember the saying, “That if you ever want to hide anything from a Black man or woman, put it in a book.” Reading is fundamental! Webster’s Dictionary defines fundamental as 1) essential: basic 2) of major significance: central. The word fundamental comes from the Latin word, “fundamentum” which means the foundation. Thus reading is the foundation of study. Remember when Prophet Muhammad was revealed the Holy Quran the first command given to him was READ! The Qur’an further states, “…and the Lord is the Most Generous.”

In the introduction of Study Guide #19, Sister Ava Muhammad stated, “There are no words to express the sensation of seeing and hearing our Minister in person. And there is nothing wrong with audio and videotapes. Indeed, there value is almost immeasurable. However, there is no substitute for the written word. If you desire to grow into power and influence in this life; if you are serious about knowing the Mind of God, you must become proficient in reading.”

Her statement pretty much says it ALL. We must READ!!!! Remember the ONLY picture we have of Master Fard Muhammad is of Him reading the Qur’an. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that Master Fard had this picture taken of Himself deliberately.

(Willie Muhammad serves as the Student Minister at Muhammad Mosque No. 46 in New Orleans. Follow him on Twitter @BroWM46 and Instagram. Visit the official New Orleans mosque website @


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