A Monumental Weekend

New Orleans, La – Muhammad Mosque No. 46 of the Nation of Islam in New Orleans kicked off a highly anticipated weekend of events beginning, Friday, February 2 with the premiere of a new documentary titled, “The History of the Nation of Islam in the Crescent City”. The little over 30-minute video chronicles how mosque No. 46 originated, dating back to the 1950’s with interviews from pioneers who paved the way. The private viewing was held in the dimly lit sanctuary of the mosque with wall to wall Believers eager to experience how their spiritual home came to be.

“What was so interesting about the documentary,” said Meshawn Siddiq, “is that in the Nation of Islam, we’ve seen many documentaries from a historical perspective, including Malcolm X and even our national history of the N.O.I., but not from a local perspective. To watch a video that introduces the sisters and brothers that are the reason we’re sitting here today in Muhammad Mosque No. 46, was simply mesmerizing. The documentary was heartwarming, funny at times, and enlightening. The quality of the video was excellent, and it actually left people wanting more.”

The documentary will be open for public viewing at Dillard University, Saturday, February 17 at 11:30a.m. It will also be available for rental and streaming that same day.

Saturday, February 3, Muhammad Mosque No. 46 welcomed Brother Don Enoch Muhammad to the city to participate in an interview that is a part of a series, titled “I have a Testimony”. The series was created to inspire and deepen the faith of the Believers by shining a light on the mind, heart, and spirit of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan through those closest to him.

Brother Don Enoch Muhammad has been a part of Minister Farrakhan’s security team since 1995 and describes being with the Minister as his life’s defining moment.

He stood before a packed room shedding light on his humble beginnings, how he was introduced to the Nation of Islam, to the first time he met the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. His testimony included the many lessons he learned working so closely with the man he credits to changing his life.

He expressed the necessity in sharing what he knows of the heart and spirit of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. “It’s important that the Believers, especially the believers,” he emphasized, “have a comprehensive understanding of the Minister, so that we may be comprehensive and complete students. The Minister, in every aspect of his life that I’ve had an opportunity to observe, bears witness to consistency, excellence, charity, and divinity that the Believer/Students must know.”

The audience listened intently to Brother Don’s life’s story, including Sister Student Captain Lenora Muhammad who said his testimony was so powerful. “I’m still on a high, even days after,” she said. “It showed me how Allah had prepared the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s servants far in advance. The help he would need had already been placed in the womb of the black woman long before he became the Minister.”

“It was eye opening just listening to how Brother Don was being prepared to be a helper to the Minister from very young,” Sister Captain Lenora added. “He talked about how he always wanted to be in the entertainment business and how his mother packed up and moved to New York, so he could pursue his dreams. There, he began to model. That career landed him in the atmosphere of entertainers that he would later connect to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.”

Brother Patrick 2X, who listened to his testimony also, expressed how he had underestimated the role Brother Don played in the Minister’s life. “He not only physically secures the Minister, he does his best to make sure the Minister needs are met, whatever they are,” he added. “He’s like an intimate assistant and a professional liaison. His testimony inspired me and really painted a picture of the work he does for the Minister and an inside view of the Minister’s heart.”

Click Here to See Bro. Don Enoch’s entire “I Have A Testimony”.

The jam-packed weekend ended on February 4 with Student Minister Carlos Muhammad from Baltimore speaking at Sunday’s 10a.m. mosque meeting. His lecture titled, “The Day of Decision” left the audience captivated by his heartfelt, straightforward message. After his powerful lecture, he presented two vintage videos featuring Min. Farrakhan while still a minister in New York.

Patrick 2X said he sat in awe listening to Student Min. Carlos’ lecture. He said the feeling that came over him was indescribable. “He emphasized the significance of separation, not between black and white, but between good and evil.”
He also said some of the words that played repeatedly in his mind was when Student Min. Carlos explained that many people feel as though they have all the time in the world to do right, but the time is now to make the right decision. His message was clear, decisive, and informative, he said.
“Overall, Sunday was the capping off of a very spiritual weekend. It was monumental”, Brother Patrick 2X raved. It felt like a revival.”