A Weekend of Fundraising, Fun and Culture

By Brother Cedric Muhammad 


Henri L. MuhammadNew Orleans, La – In an effort to help raise funds for the annual Saviors’ Day Drive, and expose the city of New Orleans to the wealth of talent that exists in the Nation of Islam, the Student Laborers of Muhammad Mosque #46 invited Brother Henrí Muhammad, violinist and owner of Muhammad’s School of Music to the city to help. “I’ve always had an admiration for Brother Henrí Muhammad as a Believer, as well as a musician. He’s comfortable in his own skin. Our brother is a lover of Allah, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He uses his gift to serve our people and to educate them about the significant role Black people played in classical music. He does so beautifully with the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Cities would greatly benefit from a visit from him,” stated Brother Willie Muhammad, Student Minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 46.

Brother Henrí’s visit began with an interview, as part of the Mosque No. 46 “I Have a Testimony” Series. The series provides visiting guests the opportunity to share how they came to Islam and talk about their personal testimony about the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and their interaction with him directly. “Bro. Henri is an exceptionally gifted human being. He’s humble, yet confident. His life’s journey into the Nation of Islam is a true testament that Allah has His hands in our affairs. The most impactful part of his testimony to me was how The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan took him under his wing and became his personal teacher on the violin after the passing of his previous teacher, Mr. Charles Veal. Being around Bro. Henri, you can tell that he is a man that has been around The Minister. Min. Farrakhan’s personality shines forth in our brother. May Allah continue to bless Bro. Henri and his family in this Cultural Revolution,” stated Brother Lawrence Muhammad, owner of All Nations Design.

Henri L. Muhammad

On Saturday, prior to the fundraiser Brother Henrí Muhammad, inspired by the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan regarding serving the sick and shut-in, spent time at a Senior Living Facility performing classical pieces for some of its residents and staff. The audience members were so excited about the performances they could not stop expressing words of support and calls for encores. It was a pleasure to witness Bro Henri’s well received performance at the nursing facility. The residents were incredibly appreciative of his dynamic performance.  Their high level of engagement to the classical music was special to watch,” stated Sister Michelle Muhammad. Others were impacted by healing vibrations produced by the performance. “Brother Henri Muhammad’s performance was a beautiful showcase of the diverse skills and talents of black people. His knowledge of the instrument and his craft educated and inspired the audience. His passion and enthusiasm for music as a universal language was evident in his presence and connection with the believers and his storytelling. I am grateful to have had the 432 MHZ healing vibrations fill Mosque 46 on Saturday night,” stated attendee Gia Hamilton. 

La Fon Sisters og The Holy Family Nursing FacilityLater that night the Believers and community gathered to enjoy a night of fun, food and socializing, capped off by an outstanding musical performance by Brother Henri, who began the night by playing Ave’ Maria.  “I really enjoyed my time with my extended family. I say that because I have many friends in the NOI. From the door it was a five (5) star experience. My name was in a list and I had seating arrangements. I Enjoyed the table conversations filled with a diversity of people. An elder who was also an opera singer (amongst many other things) shed tears at the serenade of our featured guest violinist. Her daughter kept the table laughing and educating me on life within the NOI. The two other couples and a baby added to the mix of our time well spent. The violinist, a professional and student of music not only performed with passion but took the time to enlighten and educate all curious minds. I rarely have an opportunity to attend or even have knowledge of events like this. I’m thankful for my friends in the NOI for making this event happen,” Michael “Sage” Pellet.

I Have A TestimonyThis was Brother Henri’s first visit to the city of New Orleans. “I am thankful to have been invited by Brother Student Minister Willie Muhammad and the Believers of Muhammad Mosque No. 46 in New Orleans, Louisiana to perform for their Saviours’ Day Gift 2020 Fundraiser. New Orleans is known for its music, art, cuisine, and rich ethnic culture, and Brother Student Minister Willie and his team took me all over the city, including Congo Square, the French Quarter, the Historic Lower Ninth Ward (which was devastated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina), the home of music legend Fats Domino, and for the first time I had Beignets and Gumbo! I met so many wonderful Believers, young people; community members, Artists, and supporters. We had such a great time at the Mosque Fundraiser no one wanted to go home. It was a beautiful and fulfilling experience, and I look forward to returning again very soon,” stated Brother Henri Muhammad.

Mosque Forty-six will make both the I Have a Testimony Interview and fundraiser performance available for public viewing on its YouTube page Mosque46av.