Squash The Beef

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan issued a clarion call for 10,000 Fearless, men and women willing to help stop the bloodshed in their communities, and committed men, women and children have been organizing and mobilizing to make his word bond. The number hasn’t been reached yet but efforts are underway to reach that important goal—and revitalize Black neighborhoods.

New Orleans, LA – Student Minister Willie Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 46 of the Nation of Islam has not slowed down in carrying out the orders of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to establish Conflict Resolution Centers (CRC) in Black communities throughout America. 

“Ten-thousand fearless men and women: That seems like a small number to do a big job, but Elijah Muhammad in The Theology of Time Lecture Series talked about how when God made Himself up, there were ‘10,000 Parts’ that became 1,” said the Minister at a special meeting convened the day after the successful gathering.

“There was a song—‘Stout-Hearted Men’—that used to be sung when I was in show business; it goes like this: ‘Give me some men, who are stout-hearted men, who will fight for the right they adore. Start me with 10 who are stouthearted men, and I’ll soon give you 10,000 more. Shoulder to shoulder, bolder and bolder, they march as they go toward the fore.’ See, when you have that kind of strength, God is Present,” he said.

The Believers in the city of New Orleans are doing their part with the Peacekeepers, Squash The Beef Movement. The public can call for mediation without police intervention to help squash the beef between parties in hopes to save lives.

New Orleans Squash the Beef Hotline 504-500-1706

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