Zakat (Charity)

The second Principle of action (in Islam) after Prayer is Charity. The Arabic word for Charity is “Zakat”, which originally means “Purity”, “li-zakat” means “for the sake of purity”, or “to attain purity”.

Surah 70, Verses 12-16 tell us that to free a slave; to feed the hungry; to care for the orphan and the poor man; these are actions which will cause us to actually understand the struggle, not just be intellectually aware of it.

Why Give?

Charity, in its broadest sense, gives us a spirit out of the self-centered child-like mentality of an individual that only thinks for self, or a nation that is only concerned with itself, or a tribe that is only concerned with itself.

But the principle of zakat, or charity, is to give Muslims an international and universal spirit so that we will feel the pain of any human being who suffers, as we feel the hunger or the thirst during Ramadan.

Make a Difference

When you give to the Nation of Islam, you are giving to a cause that is much greater than ourselves. We do not receive any government funding. We depend on the kindness of our people to help support the cause.

When you give, you are giving to help us continue the work of helping the poor, the underprivileged and those who are denied Justice in the society.


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