The Aims of Islam

Aim No.1 – To do unto others as we would have done unto our own selves.

Aim No.2 – To teach the true religion of Islam, the history of the world of man and mankind as given to us from Allah God, Who Came in the Person of Master W. F. Muhammad, to Whom all Praise is due.

Aim No.3 – We will not make war nor fight wars for or against any, except in self defense. On Allah do we rely to fight our battle. A Muslim shall never be the aggressor; Peace is The Way of The Righteous.

Every time God makes you successful with a little thing, be grateful for the little thing then go on. Don’t stop. Get a bigger goal and a bigger goal and a bigger goal. 

Aim No. 4 – We shall do our best to clean ourselves and our poor people of North America of filth, ignorance, drunkenness, laziness, falsehood, drugs, adultery, fornication; dependent to Self Respect and Self Sufficiency, and universal recognition in the Brotherhood of Islam.

Aim No. 5 – To pool our cash that each and every Believer can spare in a Natinal Muslim Treasure for the purpose of teaching and training our men an women in both home and foreign universities to manufacture our own domestic needs, such as clothing, home furnishings, food, shelter, and sell the surplus.

These are Our Aims. When we are living The Restrictive Law, we will be Successful in fulfilling Our Aims.

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